Jen Miller

Hello and welcome! I’m a feminist writer exploring themes of women’s empowerment, spirituality, transformation, nature, and healing in my poetry and prose. I’m about writing engaging pieces that touch your heart and stir your soul. I’m about breaking down the patriarchal structures that limit us all from being truly free. I’m about creating safe spaces for vulnerable expression, honest sharing, and genuine transformation. I’m about showing up, being real, and connecting. I’m about speaking up when we’re hurting inside. I’m about serving the Goddess as a nurturer, a lover, a poet, a warrior, and a priestess. I’m about reclaiming the sacredness of our bodies, our blood, and our sexuality. I’m about learning, growing, and never apologizing for being who we were born to be.

You can find my published work in Rebelle SocietyThe Urban HowlGoddess When She Rules: Expressions By Contemporary WomenFaces of Womanhood, and SageWoman. I post fresh content weekly on Instagram and Facebook.

Image by Tanesha Holland Treasured Sparrow Photography