Quill of the Goddess

Free Your Feminine Voice

Growing up in the South, I never felt like I fit in with the culture that surrounded me. The fundamentalist views of the adults in my world felt extremely repressive and hostile, especially to girls and women. I knew I was missing something, so I started looking for it in my mid-20s. That took me on a journey into earth-based practices and Goddess spirituality, which opened up so many doors of self-discovery, healing, empowerment, and personal growth. Now in my 40s, it’s still my foundation and touchstone.

The more I allowed myself to explore women’s mysteries, lunar cycles, and the power of my womb, the easier it became to express the art that was brewing inside of me. I stopped hiding and started sharing myself with the world as a writer, intuitive, ceremonialist, and bodyworker. I began to trust myself as a vessel for the soul medicine that wanted to come through me.

So can you.

You are here for a purpose, no matter what they’ve told you.

If you’ve felt shut down and silenced by a patriarchal system, it’s time to free your feminine voice!

It’s okay if you’re standing at the crossroads. It’s okay if you’re re-examining everything you’ve ever been taught by your family, religion, and culture about a woman’s inherent worthiness, her sexuality, and her freedom to make choices that align with her soul’s purpose. It’s normal. It means you’re waking up to your own potential!

What is the creative work you are dying to bring to the world? What will happen if you ignore that desire?

I’ll tell you what will happen. My mother always wanted to be a painter, and she died at 66 without ever having taken a single art class because she was afraid of being judged. The world will never know what she might have brought to the canvas, but more than that, she missed out on the simple joy and pleasure of painting. Don’t let that be you. I know you have a gift that is uniquely yours, and you deserve to express it to its fullest.

You can wake up the goddess inside of you and become the powerful Creatrix you were born to be. It’s time. The world needs you.