Meeting the Wolves of Eclipse Season

The origin of the word eclipse comes from the Greek ékleipsis, meaning to abandon, forsake, or fail to appear. Our modern understanding of the word is that light is being dimmed or obscured by something else. We apply it to astronomical phenomena as well as our inner light, fame, or stardom. There are many ways… Continue reading Meeting the Wolves of Eclipse Season

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Corn Woman’s Wisdom on Lughnasadh

There are two predominant themes for Lughnasadh: one is sacrifice, and the other is nourishment. There have been years when sacrifice has shown up stronger for me, when I’ve had to give up something or become more aware of when I’m being a martyr. This year, however, Goddess is asking me to look harder at… Continue reading Corn Woman’s Wisdom on Lughnasadh

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Purification Rituals: The Power of Water

Few things in life are as comforting and relaxing as a warm bath. Some may consider a long soak in the tub to be a First World luxury, but it is also a healing practice. Water has the ability to cleanse both body and soul if we take our time and approach the bath as… Continue reading Purification Rituals: The Power of Water

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Goddesses Don’t Wear Bras

Friends, it’s hotter than Brigid’s forge in lower Alabama, so I’ve been going sans bra as much as possible. It’s ridiculous to be layered when atmospheric conditions are at rain forest levels. If it would not result in arrest, I’d probably go around naked through the Dog Days of summer. Since public nudity isn’t an… Continue reading Goddesses Don’t Wear Bras


Too Far Out of the Broom Closet

A well-meaning friend suggested that I might want to be a little less witchy here in lower Alabama. I can understand why she would give that advice. I certainly don’t wish to be a target for people who will probably never try to understand other points of view, let alone something as controversial and misunderstood… Continue reading Too Far Out of the Broom Closet

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When a Witch Doesn’t Feel Like Witching

I spent most of 2015 grieving the loss of my mother. The following year was consumed with celebrity deaths, the election, and a general feeling of malaise and anxiety over what lay ahead, both politically and personally. It was supposed to be a year of recovery for me, a year to get my groove back…except… Continue reading When a Witch Doesn’t Feel Like Witching