Law of Attraction

The Art of Manifestation

I remember having that eureka moment when I first discovered the principle that our thoughts create our reality.  You mean I’ve been sabotaging myself all this time?  You mean I can really change my life by changing how I think?  Gosh, that ought to be easy! 

I reasoned that if computers could be re-programmed, then perhaps it would be just as easy to re-train the human brain.  I hopped on the bandwagon of the New Thought movement, riding along with thousands of others as we said our affirmations, listened to guided meditations, read a lot of Buddhist authors, and tried to change our lives for the better.  

All of that stuff is great, and it works…sometimes.  

On a basic level, I appreciate what The Secret and other such works attempted to do in bringing the Law of Attraction to a wider audience.  My concern is that the authors only skim the surface of a very complex concept.  The art of manifestation is two-fold—we are co-creators with the universe.  Just thinking about a million dollars doesn’t necessarily mean that the money will appear tomorrow and that all of our troubles will vanish.  We might be granted an idea for making a million, followed by work and perseverance on our part to make the dream a reality.  When we ask for something, it’s like planting a seed on the astral plane that eventually falls to earth.  We can’t control exactly when, where or how that seed will grow.  Our job is to ask, trust, and detach from the outcome (not that this is easy, by any means!)       

I’ve also learned that things tend to manifest only if we are in spiritual alignment with them and only when the timing is right.  What we visualize for ourselves isn’t always in accordance with our life path.  I usually want things right now, but they might show up later or never.  In all cases, there is wisdom far greater than my own which helps to steer the course of my life when I am open and ready to listen.  Getting into that mindset requires some work, of course, as the modern world is full of distractions.   

Lately, I’ve been concentrating a lot more on this idea of alignment.  Are the things I want really for the highest good of others and myself?  If I attain what I think I want, how would my life change?  Am I ready for those changes?  Here is one example from my own little dance with the Law of Attraction that helps to illustrate my point.  

Last year, I decided that I wanted to buy a house.  I was tired of renting, and I had this deep need to have a place of my very own.  I wanted roots.  I also wanted more space and a back yard for my dog and me to enjoy.  I visualized a brick ranch with hard wood floors, an updated kitchen, and a mortgage comparable to what I was already paying in rent.  My lease was expiring soon, so I began looking for this ideal house.  Then I stumbled upon a real estate listing for a newly renovated brick ranch that was located just two miles away from my office.  It seemed too good to be true.  I walked through the door with my realtor, and I just knew that this place would be perfect.  (In hindsight, I should have visualized a brand new HVAC system, a more private deck, and someone who would do my yard work for free!)  The house manifested in my life, but it also came with a furnace that had to be replaced on the very week I moved in, and I now spend my weekends behind a lawnmower and a weed eater in 90+ degree temperatures.  Do I love my house?  Absolutely.  It is a blessing for which I am very grateful.  Did I really consider everything I’d be taking on as a homeowner?  Absolutely not.  The whole experience taught me a valuable lesson about being more in touch with my own instincts and that higher voice of reason, which often says to slow down as I’m stomping on the accelerator.

We all want certain things.  We want our bills to be paid.  We want perfect health.  We want jeans that flatter our figures.  We want to love and be loved.  We want world peace.  

The beauty of this material existence is that we have the ability to desire and create, but how we use this ability makes all the difference.  We can experience misery or ecstasy on any given day, just by shifting our attitude.  We know the results of negative thinking and how detrimental it can be when those uninspired thoughts become patterns.  We can have more of the same, or we can shape something new with help from our spiritual guides.  As the Abraham-Hicks teachings say, we’re on the leading edge of thought.  We have the will to forge our destinies and attract things, people, circumstances, and all that comprises this remarkable journey we call life.  

So, if we are truly unlimited, powerful beings, as the metaphysical teachers suggest, then how shall we use this power?  How can we take a universal principle like the Law of Attraction and use it with awareness, not just for the material things we want, but also for the benefit of all humanity?  I believe Rick Jarow, author of Creating the Work You Love, answers this question beautifully:  “To make right choices is to align our will with the great forces of life, not to separate decision-making from our feelings, energies, heart, or soul.”          

As I send my thoughts and energies outward, I hope I will have the grace to first look inward, to see if head and heart are communicating clearly, and to experience the most profound meaning of the ancient phrase, “As above, so below.”  Blessed Be.

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