The dogwood and maple trees in my front yard are beginning to shed their leaves, and my oaks have dropped millions of acorns this year.  Mother Nature is going through her customary cycle of releasing what is no longer needed–and so am I.  Although spring is usually associated with housecleaning, I am finding that Samhain (the witches new year), is inspiring a feng shui obsession at my house.  I am looking at every drawer, every closet, every room, and every nook and cranny with a critical (and magickal) eye.  Do I still need this object?  Does this art hanging on the wall inspire me at all?  Which clothes do I actually wear?  What can I donate or sell? 

Most of us don’t realize how much clutter impacts our lives…how much we carry in our living spaces, in our minds, and in our hearts.  Freeing up our physical space really has a profound effect upon the psyche.  We are less weighted by relics from our past, and this opens the door for new experiences, greater abundance, and joy in all that we do. 

So far, I have cleaned and organized every drawer in my kitchen, especially the “junk drawer” near the sink!  After going through my bedroom closets, I now have three bags of clothing to donate to charity as well.  I got rid of everything I knew for certain that I’d never wear…either because it was the wrong size or because it didn’t really flatter me.  New Rule:  If I don’t look and feel gorgeous and confident in it, then it doesn’t deserve space in my wardrobe.  If I only have five outfits, that’s fine–as long as all five live up to the gorgeous and confident standard. 

I also realized that the ‘wealth corner’ of my house faces west, and it happens to be located in my ritual/meditation room.  I want abundance to flow, so I spruced up the western quarter with coins and sparkly citrine crystals.  I plan to situate a statue or wallhanging of Lakshmi there as well.     

I still have the basement to tackle, which is the biggest project left to do, but I feel that it will be the most satisfying upon completion.  The basement represents the root chakra, stability, and the “underpinnings” of our lives, so to speak.  I have spent the last two years on wobbly ground in terms of career, safety, and job satisfaction, so this is an opportunity to influence those areas in a practical way.  

As winter approaches, I hope to enter the season with a more orderly, harmonious home that truly feels like my sanctuary.  As the animals burrow and prepare for colder days, we too can create spaces that comfort and support us while nature takes a nap.          

My indispensable guide through this process has been Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst.  I can’t say enough about her work!

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