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Quilt Circle

I usually write prose, but poetry is really one of my best modes of expression.  So today, I thought I’d share some spoken word poetry with you.  This piece is about our ancestral ties, reaching all the way back to the ancients.  I draw a lot of strength from the idea that whatever I’ve faced, some woman before me has likely faced the same thing.  I view my ancestors has helpful spirits on this journey, even if I never knew them in this life, so this is a tribute to them and to all women.  Blessed Be.

“Quilt Circle”

I think of them
as pieces of a quilt
stitched together by soft, loving hands–
my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother–
all of these women
surrounding me
supporting me
even the ones I never knew
even if all I have are stories
and fragments of their lives,
I still feel them–
the way we are bound together
by blood and bone
the way we are held together
by traditions and memories
the way we are seamed together
by threads that pull too tightly
by threads that are too loose
the way our colors go together
the way our colors clash
and yet we are unified by the stitching
by these strands of DNA
spiraling through time
stretching back further than I can see
to She who was first
the Mother of us all
the heartbeat at the center
the rhythm of the Earth
the pulsing, the loving
the bleeding, the birthing, the dying
the cycles, the seasons
we turn and we turn
finding our place
in this quilt that has no corners
for we are a circle
a circle of women.
~by Jennifer R. Miller (December 11, 2013)

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