The definition of remember is “to bring to mind or think of again.”  That is what Webster offers, but I see remembering as more than just recalling the past.  It is also recreating.  A member is one part or unit separate from the whole; so, to re-member is to restore that missing part to wholeness.  It is finding what was thought to be lost and building something magical again.

This poem was inspired by La Loba, the old woman who gathers wolf bones and sings them back to life.  It was also inspired by Inanna’s descent to the underworld, as she passes through the Seven Gates that strip her of her power and her life before she is reborn.

The past year was a turbulent time for many, as we faced loss, separation, and challenges from all fronts.  It is time to heal and rely on the truths we know deep down.  We have a New Year and a New Moon in Capricorn to celebrate on this day.  What better time to dig in and lay the groundwork to manifest our dreams?


Re-member who you are, beloved,
beneath the grave they dug for you.
Keep going down past the layers
of earth and stone
until you find the bare bones–
and when you do,
learn to love them.
Sing them back to life
until the flesh returns
layer upon layer,
until the eyes are clear
and the hair grows back,
lustrous and full,
and the heart beats
to the rhythm of your soul,
until you can dance in a body
that makes no apology.
Re-member who you are, woman.
~by Jennifer R. Miller (January 1, 2014)

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