Celebrating World Goddess Day

The wisdom of woman, gained through her identification with her body, with the Goddess, and with the earth, was no longer revered, but ridiculed and rejected. Once honoured as prophetess and seer, woman was now scorned. Her instincts and intuition, through which she perceived the elemental energies in the cycles of nature and her knowledge of healing, were rebuked and humiliated. –Judith Duerk “Circle of Stones: Woman’s Journey to Herself”

Those of us in the Goddess community have known for quite some time that the Divine Feminine force is at last reemerging in the world. We know the scales have been out of balance for too long. Although it would seem that war, destruction, illness, and poverty are raging at an all time high, we also know that events sometimes have to reach critical mass before something better can be born. That is where She Who Is really shines. She takes the royal mess we’ve made of things and creates beauty. She reaches down into the muck and plants seeds that will thrive. Where we may see nothing but a wasteland, She sees potential.

So today, in honor of the Lady in her many forms and manifestations, people all over the globe will celebrate World Goddess Day. Perhaps there is an event in your area that you can attend, or maybe you can find the time to have a quiet ritual of your own. I chose to express my devotion through art by crocheting a Harvest Goddess for my altar. It was a labor of love that took several days to complete, and now it will be ready for the upcoming full moon and the Autumn Equinox.  You can find the free pattern for the body here.  How you decorate and adorn Her is entirely up to you!  Get creative!  Blessed Be

102_1876 102_1878102_1880










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