Quarterly Themes for 2015

It’s that glorious time when everyone starts making predictions for the upcoming year, and I am no exception. I used to do a 12-card Tarot spread for the New Year to gain insight into each month’s blessings and challenges. Frankly, that seemed a little too overwhelming this time around. The Year of the Horse just galloped right over me, leaving some hoof prints in my back side that still hurt. So, rather than looking at each month, I decided to look at each quarter for the overarching themes we’ll see in 2015. I worked with the lovely and enchanting Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno.

First Quarter (January – March)

HealingWe begin the year with some much needed HEALING after all the turmoil we endured last year. This card is all about working on physical and emotional pain through the art of surrender. We will be retreating to the inner sanctuary of the heart and reconnecting with who we truly are and what we’re here to do. It’s an ideal time to seek help from energy workers to get ourselves in balance and back on the path of our soul’s highest calling. Daily mediation, exercise, and clean eating are typical New Year’s resolutions, so this card is a gentle reminder to keep honoring mind, body and spirit all year long.

Second Quarter (April – June) 

102_1926We move into the second quarter with a continuation and completion of the healing process through PURIFICATION. The card shows a woman wading into the water, so we can look forward to a deep emotional cleansing. Unresolved feelings may surface, but they are bubbling up so that we can clear these issues for good. Whatever has not been addressed in the first quarter will certainly come up in the second. This card is all about shedding old baggage and truly moving forward with new strength and clarity.

Third Quarter (July – September)

After the profound healing in the first half of the year, we become the JEWEL102_1927 WITHIN A TEARDROP. We feel even more connected to our spiritual families, to our higher power, and to the universe because of our experiences and lessons learned. This card reveals a strengthening of common bonds and true friendships after all we’ve been through together. The hard work we’ve done has paid off, and we now enter a sacred time of deep reverence and gratitude.

Fourth Quarter (October – December)

102_1929The last quarter of the year brings us a much higher perspective. We are RISING ABOVE the past and all of those worn out tapes we’ve been playing for so long. Our spiritual transformation has elevated us to a new level of understanding. All the patterns are crystal clear–we know why we had to go through this or that, we have learned, and now we see it all from the viewpoint of a bird soaring high into the heavens.

Peace & Blessings

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