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  1. In grade school, I was a singer in the chorus, and good enough to be chosen for solo, and in musical. My parents were rarely supportive of my education that I can remember, I wanted to be a singer, an actress, or a famous artist…seven years of singing and recalling the abuse in my childhood, and some neglect, I was a ‘loud mouth’ child. The Goddess put the fire in my belly from the start. It was a gift, a gift I began to punish myself for…manifesting root canals at age five, mono at age ten, from tonsil stones, and many dental caries into my early adolescence. Affecting me, an addictive personality, addictions to television, tobacco, alcohol at times, even running around the streets with other young adults partying, and entering into ‘dangerous’ situations. I had hardships, and almost lost my life on occasion! By the time I married my spouse at age 21, we were both toxified, yet, something kept me so close to nature, as an alchemist, a lover of my home cooking, a desire to grow, and stay grounded. I gave up smoking, partying, and traded it in for herbalism, a daughter, and some peace of being in partnership. It was not easy, I didn’t keep quiet, I would not settle, I tried to give in and surrender at times to keep myself safe. I wanted communion with God, I didn’t really ‘know’ the Goddess, yet. SO, when my spouses family told me meditation, yoga, my prophetic dreams, and abilities were of the “devil” I went to their pastor for him to confirm what they had said. It was a huge wound, I wanted to heal, I spent about a decade thinking I was damned or something wasn’t right with me…finally after manifesting more symptoms and spiritual afflictions I went to a healer in 2012. It was the major turning point that got me back on the path that I knew I was destined as a teen. During the first several years of my marrage before getting to my life’s work, I was ignored sexually, and refused certain affections that I craved. Without telling the whole story, I was really down, and about on my last thread. Flower essences, energy medicines, shamanism, and sexual/kundalini awakening with in myself saved my life. Connecting to my higher self and learning from the past made me see the beauty again, my purpose and connection. I began to sing again. I still have scars of being called many names, and punishment, especially being called, ‘a loud mouth indian’ I will never give up or give in again to something less than pure unconditional love. All the negative voices, and stagnancy will continue to be cleared and transmuted. I am here for Her, I am here for Us, I am here for divine union with t he masculine/feminine. Everyone is worthy of pure passion, and bliss to find what lights them up from within, and to repel all else from entering the sphere of influence. To be able to laugh off or bounce off non-beneficial thoughts, beliefs and others opinions! I know what it feels like to have little to no boundaries and to ‘take in’ names, and opinions of others that made me sick, ill, and mentally compromised. I am grateful for all that has brought me to now. A woman of strength, ability, and service. Still working out a few things, but I give myself the time to integrate and adjust. Thank you for shaaring your story. I did not realize when I fist started my comment it would turn in to this, so, thank you again dear soul sister. xx Love to you, from Brandie

    1. I think the greatest healers often have the toughest childhoods. Family members end up serving in the role of antagonist, attempting to snuff out the light before it really has a chance to shine. Would we be as powerful if we had faced no resistance? Do our spiritual muscles get stronger for having climbed up a steep mountain? It’s something to think about. Your story is an inspiration, so thank you for sharing it here. You found your way back to wholeness, and then you used everything you had learned to help others. That is how the world heals–one person, one family, one village at a time. Much love to you, divine sister.

  2. I read this at our Women’s Circle tonight, and then we passed the talking bowl.
    This was forwarded to me by Carla Sanders & finding voice feels vitally important.
    I so enjoy your blog.
    Thanks so much for your story & for your voice!
    Linda Chippendale

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