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The Art of Receptivity

  “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Oh, you learned that verse too well, my sister. That’s what they expect, after all. Be a nurturer, a supporter, a giver. It’s your holy calling. It’s what women do. Give until your creative well is empty, until your back is broken, until you are… Continue reading The Art of Receptivity

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A Poem for the Priestess in Service

I've spent the past several weeks thinking about all the women in my circle who are in the midst of deep healing work, women who are called to be the priestesses of a new age. This poem is for you, all of you, who are feeling this energy right now and answering that call to… Continue reading A Poem for the Priestess in Service

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Wisdom of the Womb: A Healing Journey

The womb first awakens as we bring her the gifts of Presence, devotion, deep respect, appreciation, and the feeling qualities of love and adoration…The womb will then begin to speak of her needs and desires. Only the purified heart will hear, only the courageous will respond. –Padma Aon Prakasha, “The Power of Shakti: 18 Pathways… Continue reading Wisdom of the Womb: A Healing Journey

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Four Letter Word Starting with “S”

When four psychologists studied the phenomenon known as “slut shaming"—defaming a woman for the presumed frequency of her sexual activity—they learned the extent to which women shame each other, often for reasons that actually have little to do with promiscuity. The quote above was excerpted from a longer article published in Psychology Today that snagged my attention.  I… Continue reading Four Letter Word Starting with “S”

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Flowing Gracefully

Part of me felt like it’s something I should have gotten over by now…something I should have dealt with and integrated. After all, I turn 40 this year. You would think that after 28 years of monthly cycles, I would be a pro at dealing with all things menstrual. But how can any woman be… Continue reading Flowing Gracefully

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Getting Rhythm

I face eastward as a brilliant coastal sunrise breaks through the clouds, following many days of unrelenting rain. The calming scent of white sage wafts around my body and the parts of the drum I will assemble. The smoke caresses the finely crafted contours of the willow oak hoop, the horsehide, the lacings, the sinew,… Continue reading Getting Rhythm


All My Relations

I stood before my Medicine Wheel altar, thinking about circles and the greater purpose of rituals…their power to heal and transform lives.  I realized that there are no perfect circles, because human beings are not perfect.  If we were, then there would have been no need to return to this material plane to learn more… Continue reading All My Relations


How to Let Go of the Past

One of my favorite lyrics is in a song called "Rise Up" on the album Goddess Chant by Shawna Carol: The past is over; it can touch me not. Let’s celebrate now all we’ve got. The song reminds me to look at what is here and now in my life, not what I left behind me. … Continue reading How to Let Go of the Past