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Corn Woman’s Wisdom on Lughnasadh

There are two predominant themes for Lughnasadh: one is sacrifice, and the other is nourishment. There have been years when sacrifice has shown up stronger for me, when I’ve had to give up something or become more aware of when I’m being a martyr. This year, however, Goddess is asking me to look harder at… Continue reading Corn Woman’s Wisdom on Lughnasadh


“What Are You Going to Be for Halloween?”

Once, in a lucid and ironic season, I looked behind the mask the living wear, Hardly expecting either fiend or angel Under the tarnished brightness of that stare. -John A. Holmes (from “The Mask the Living Wear”) I’ve often felt that the costumes people wear on Halloween show more about their true character than the… Continue reading “What Are You Going to Be for Halloween?”