All My Relations

I stood before my Medicine Wheel altar, thinking about circles and the greater purpose of rituals…their power to heal and transform lives. I realized that there are no perfect circles, because human beings are not perfect. If we were, then there would have been no need to return to this material plane to learn more… Continue reading All My Relations


Lessons from Baxter the Wonder Dog

Morning light creeps into my bedroom, and the first sound I listen for is the flap-flap-flapping of Baxter’s ears as he shakes them out.  Then he does a perfect adho mukha svanasana (downward-facing dog) followed by urdhva mukha svanasana (upward-facing dog).  He is a better yogi than I, as he practices these two asanas several… Continue reading Lessons from Baxter the Wonder Dog


The Woman in the Mirror

I was asked one of the toughest questions ever this week by a friend and fellow writer:  How do I love the part of me that I hate?  It’s the sort of question that lands like a concrete block—heavy and quite easy to stumble over—but it deserves an answer. First, I think hate is a… Continue reading The Woman in the Mirror


How to Let Go of the Past

One of my favorite lyrics is in a song called "Rise Up" on the album Goddess Chant by Shawna Carol: The past is over; it can touch me not. Let’s celebrate now all we’ve got. The song reminds me to look at what is here and now in my life, not what I left behind me. … Continue reading How to Let Go of the Past


This Year’s Samhain Message: Do the Work

Samhain feels different this year.  Maybe it’s because I’m more focused on the depth of this holiday and less interested in the festivities—not that I don’t love pumpkin carving, costumes, and the revelry that accompanies cooler weather.  I enjoy all of those things, and by now, my house would normally be a visual tribute to autumn… Continue reading This Year’s Samhain Message: Do the Work

Goddess, Mythology, Shamanism

Weaving with Grandmother Spiderwoman

Anyone who has seen my Facebook page will tell you that I have a deep love for crochet, because I’m always posting photos of my latest projects. What I once viewed as an old lady hobby has become both art and therapy, as I chain and stitch my way through a kaleidoscope of colors and… Continue reading Weaving with Grandmother Spiderwoman


Fluidity and Grace

I jump back into her arms over and over again, but I’m not really mastering the backstroke.  I’m just letting her catch me, because I’m scared that I’ll drown. My swimming instructor, a very tan and capable Red Cross lifeguard, realizes that she will get nowhere with a five year-old who doesn’t like to be… Continue reading Fluidity and Grace