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Gaia and the North Wind

Adirondack Mountains, Photo Credit: Stacy MojicaHow can we not be moved by the changing seasons? I'm sharing a lovely, inspiring poem from a friend and guest poet, who is enjoying the fall foliage of upstate New York. The Engagement of Gaia and the North Wind by a Maple Tree by Stacy Mojica Dawn awakens the world with a… Continue reading Gaia and the North Wind


This Year’s Samhain Message: Do the Work

Samhain feels different this year.  Maybe it’s because I’m more focused on the depth of this holiday and less interested in the festivities—not that I don’t love pumpkin carving, costumes, and the revelry that accompanies cooler weather.  I enjoy all of those things, and by now, my house would normally be a visual tribute to autumn… Continue reading This Year’s Samhain Message: Do the Work