About the Author

Jen Miller

When I created Quill of the Goddess as a platform for my writing on social media, I didn’t fully recognize the magnitude of my vision at that time. I didn’t know what it would mean to live up to that title, to say “yes” over and over again to the creative fire. But I have since learned that to be a poet and teacher in service to the Goddess means surrendering to something far greater than myself. It means trusting in the mystical power of poetry, getting out of the way, and allowing it to flow. It means giving voice to what has been silenced, because it is time for women to tell the truth about our lives—and it is time for that truth to be our healing medicine. I do not see myself as the only quill, but rather as one quill, one voice, one of the Goddess’s many devoted bards and priestesses.

My hope and intention for all of my work—whether it be writing or mentoring others—is that it will help us reconnect to the parts of ourselves that may have gotten lost or buried in a patriarchal world. I am here to support the rising of the Goddess within and without.

You can remember what you were
before they deemed you too much for this world,
and you believed them.

Jen Miller

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