Coming in 2023!

It’s Her Nature: Poems from a Wild Woman’s Heart

What they didn’t know
is that some of us were not houseplants
that could thrive under fluorescent lights.
We were vines
growing right out of the boxes,
climbing up the walls,
breaking through the glass windows,
seeking the sun,
determined to breathe.

Do you remember your untamed heart? Are you ready to call her back to you? This collection of poems takes you on a journey through the cycles of Healing, Reclaiming, Loving, and Wilding.

Poems Appearing in Other Works

“Veneration of the Wild Witch”
in GODDESS: When She Rules: Expressions by Contemporary Women
Published by Golden Dragonfly Press

“The Vulture” in Faces of Womanhood
Published by Blood Moon Poetry

“Winter Stayed” in 365 Days of Covid
Published by Sunday Mornings at the River

Those of Us Who Weave” in The Tor Stone
Published by The Sisterhood of Avalon

“Howl” and “How to Be a Problem for Your Problems” in Fuck the Patriarchy
Published by Sunday Mornings at the River

“Mother Earth is a Tired Mother” in Mother Nature Burns
Published by Sunday Mornings at the River

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